Equine Massage


What Are Marie's                     

Our first session typically lasts 90-120 minutes and includes a thorough assessment and full body massage. This session allows me to form a relationship with your horse and to build a picture of them as an individual.

An additional 2+ hours of work are spent at home in the form of documenting, researching and building a massage summary for you. This summary highlights my findings and includes optional stretches and massage moves that can be incorporated into your training program.

Maintenance massages are usually 60 minutes in length and build on my findings from previous sessions. You will receive a session summary with each massage that documents findings and optional exercises and stretches.

Included in your session:

Massage Therapy,

Stretches & Activations,

Passive Mobilizations (non-chiropractic)

Energy/Reiki Work

Supporting documents if required for vets, farriers or other team members

Tack Check if required

Mileage fees may be charged depending on location.

I currently offer services throughout Southern and central Alberta