How To Prepare 

Equestrian Photography Rustic Lifestyle Sessions


1. Solid colours are much less distracting then prints and patterns. Try to avoid shirts with logos if possible. Wear what makes YOU feel good. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your pictures. Form-fitting outfits with long sleeves tend to produce more flattering portraits for anyone who is self-conscious of their arms or upper body.

2. Halter or Bridle? This is a personal choice. If your horse is young, or your horse has a show halter, that is perfectly acceptable. If your horse is broke, and you don't have a show halter, I suggest a bridle for a nice clean look.

3. Groomed horses look better than muddy horses. A quick brush and some coat conditioner in the mane and tail can go along way! Always clean your horse BEFORE dressing in your outfit.

5. Dress or Dress Pants?  Bring Both! I always suggest bringing at least two different outfits.


 With each session, I offer a FREE consultation where we can discuss the particulars of your session to fully customize it to your vision.


It is important to remember that long dresses can get dirty, stepped on and sometimes ripped during a shoot. So, be aware of this possibility when going through your wardrobe.